Tribute to Shelley


Tribute to Shelley

by Heather Telford

12th December 2021

On the first day of Spring we received the sad news that our treasured LAM sister Shelley Anderson had died, surrounded by her family in South Yunderup, WA.

Shelley was our ray of sunshine, down to earth and always shining light into the lives of others, no matter how hard she was struggling.

Throughout our prolonged lockdowns in Melbourne in 2020 and 2021, she regularly posted photos of her beautiful frangipanis on our chat page. For many of us, this simple gesture brightened the darkest of days.

I still remember the first time Shelley called me many years ago, after her diagnosis. She was most concerned about how her illness would impact on her husband Steve, her soulmate, and her two young boys, Ky and Riley.

Shelley fought many health battles over the next few years, but she and Steve got to share many more wonderful times together and she lived to see her boys grow up and find their life partners. Only a few weeks before Shelley died, Steve bought her an electric bike which gave her the freedom she had craved. She explored the neighbourhood of South Yunderup and loved every moment.

Kate Wingrave, wrote:

Shelley was the most giving, kind and thoughtful person you could ever imagine. Last December, on the day of my transplant, she drove all the way up to deliver a crystal angel to keep me safe. She helped me through the early days of my LAM diagnosis and then consistently through the next 10 years. She will never be forgotten and is cherished by many. “

When Shelley told me she’d been diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour she’d already come to terms with it. She was grateful for the wonderful life she’d had and was ready for whatever was to come.

Whenever she could, Shelley would come to our LAM lunches in Melbourne, armed with bottles of wine and cheese.

From Tracy Hughan: 

” Whenever we caught up with Shelley it was like we had seen her just the week before. We had such great laughs. When she knew she was dying she was so brave…something to learn from.

From Anna Hristodoulakis: 

Shelley always knew how to make light of a difficult situation. She was positive and optimistic, very caring, empathetic and compassionate. She was strong yet vulnerable, which deepened her connection to others. She gave great advice and always wanted to help. I’ll never forget how determined she was to find me more suitable, private health care cover…”That’s highway robbery!” she exclaimed, after she heard how much I paid and insisted she could find me “a better deal.”

Corinne wrote:

While I didn’t get to meet Shelley in person, I cherished the memory of her zest for adventure on her electric bike sharing beautiful views and frangipanis.  Will always remember her brave, kind and bright spirit.”

We will forever miss Shelley. She will always be with us at our LAM lunches, drinking wine, eating good food and telling funny stories. And we will continue to support each other, just as she supported us.

RIP sister.