About Us

LAM Australia Research Alliance is a not for profit charity supporting members throughout Australia.

The Association is run by a volunteer committee who are supported by generous professionals and medical experts who provide their services free of charge.

We exist to support Women Living with LAM, to provide peer support and social connections for our members and to build awareness and knowledge of LAM in the community and to fund research to improve the health outcomes of women living with LAM.

The Lung Foundation of Australia and The Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand  are affiliated with us and contribute to supporting our members and our research endeavours in finding a cure for LAM.

Our Membership

Membership is open to women living with LAM, their family and friends, and anyone with an interest in LAM and the work that we do.

Current estimates are that only eight women in a million are living with LAM worldwide. As knowledge of the disease and diagnosis methods improve, this ration may increase. If you have been diagnosed with LAM we hope this site can be of assistance and support. We suggest you register with us and become a member to allow us to lobby for greater awareness, vital research to be conducted and clinical trials to get a boost in an effort to provide correct and early diagnosis and more tailored medical intervention providing improved health and lifestyle outcomes.


LAM Australia office bearers include the President Louise Lloyd with Vice President Corrine Tye-Lim, Treasurer Lauren Sharpe and Secretary Alison Mclvor.

Supporting committee members

Penny McKee
Dr Sukhwinder Sohal
Kate Wingrave
Pat Evans

Past Presidents

We would like to acknowledge the work of our past presidents and their committees:

Michael Neustein
A/Prof Brian Oliver
Janet Neustein
Heather Telford

LAM Australia Research Alliance Constitution

The constitution of an incorporated association forms the structure within which the association operates.
The Association exists to provide support and to improve the health prospects of women living with lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM).

LAM Australia Research Alliance constitution 26 June 2022

As a Not for Profit charity we rely very heavily on the time and efforts of our volunteer workforce.