Fundraising Policy

The Executive of LAM Australia is committed to ensuring that its fundraising activities are carried out in an ethical manner and are sensitive to the women this organisation supports

This policy applies individually and inclusively to the members of our Executive, the Medical & Scientific Advisory Panel, volunteers, and any staff who may be employed, regardless of whether they are casual, permanent or contract.

The purpose of this document is to identify our position on fundraising practice and to document the standards to be maintained in raising funds from the community.

With women living with LAM dispersed all over the country, LAM Australia endeavours to encourage activities of all kinds in every state. Fundraising is just one of a range of ways of bringing the LAM “community” together. Without providing funding, we cannot play a major part in ensuring research into LAM continues in Australia. The team at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research has already made one discovery of worldwide importance to the understanding of the LAM disease process. Further work is needed. With help from major donors as well as from grassroots supporters, we can accrue significant funds and make a difference in our quest to conquer LAM.


LAM Australia will adopt only fundraising methods which comply with the following standards:

  • Fundraising activities carried out by LAM Australia must comply with all relevant laws.
  • Fundraising activities should not be undertaken if they may be detrimental to the good name or community standing of LAM Australia.
  • Any communication to the public made in print or by any other method in the course of carrying out a fundraising activity shall be truthful and non-deceptive.
  • All monies raised via fundraising activities will be for the stated purpose of the appeal and will comply with LAM Australia’s stated mission and purpose.
  • All personal information collected by LAM Australia remains confidential and is not to be sold, given away, or disclosed to any third party without the direct consent of the individual/s named.
  • Nobody directly or indirectly employed by or volunteering for LAM shall accept commissions, bonuses or payments for fundraising activities on behalf of the organisation.
  • No general solicitations shall be undertaken by telephone or door-to-door.
    All fundraising activities must have the prior approval of LAM Australia’s Executive.
  • A statement estimating income and expenses is to be prepared prior to the commencement of any new fundraising activity which may present a financial risk to LAM Australia. Fundraising activities shall not be undertaken if they might expose LAM Australia to significant financial risk.
  • Financial contributions will be accepted only from companies, organisations and individuals which the LAM Australia Executive deems to be ethical.
  • A fundraising sub-committee may be formed to carry out the major fundraising tasks. The sub-committee will report regularly to the Executive and table the Minutes of all meetings at meetings of the Executive.
  • A report on fundraising will be prepared by a representative of the fundraising sub-committee for inclusion in LAM Australia’s annual report.
  • Whether a fundraising event is completed or not, all money raised is to be forwarded directly to LAM Australia.


LAM Australia’s Executive is responsible for the implementation and review of this policy.
All members of the Executive, Medical & Scientific Advisory Panel, volunteers, and any casual, permanent or contract staff are responsible individually and together for adhering to this policy.


Louise Lloyd, President
LAM Australia Research Alliance
Revised August 2021