Membership Application

LAM Australia Membership or Registration Application

If you wish to

  •  be admitted as a member of LAM Australia
  • renew my annual membership of LAM Australia
  • register only with LAM Australia

Please complete the details below and submit the request to our administration.

They will contact you to confirm application and arrange any payments.


New member fee: $10 new member fee plus annual membership fee of $25 total payable $35.00.
Member renewal fee: $25 annual membership fee payable each calendar year to 30 June

We welcome all new and renewing members and hope that we provide the support you seek.

LAM Registration Only

No Fee is required for LAM registration only.

Reasons for maintaining a database of women living with LAM in Australia include:

  • being aware of women in each state of Australia who are living with LAM
  • supporting women living with LAM (WLWL) by talking and emailing them, organising meetings and distributing news and information
  • encouraging WLWL and their support networks to be involved in our activities.


Names and details provided for registration remain strictly confidential.
No information provided will be provided to any person or organisation without the express permission of the individual concerned.
Personal stories and other details will be published only with the full consent of the individual concerned.

Application Form